Choosing the Right Living Community

As we age, most of us these days want to maintain our independence for as long as possible. However, there often comes a time when a person finds it inconvenient, or even difficult, to maintain their residence and/or perform all the duties and tasks necessary to stay totally independent. In most cases, these people do not need the more intensive services of a nursing facility, but just a little extra help to maintain their quality of life. Some of these needs may be health-related, others may have to do with residence upkeep, nutrition and hygiene, safety, or security. For many of these individuals an assisted living setting where those unmet needs can be met is a good solution.

But which setting or facility is the right one? Factors to consider may include: proximity to one’s home and/or loved ones; services available; the environment and the “feel” of the place; the facility’s track record and reputation; proximity to medical providers; and cost.

There are several ways to find answers to these questions. Probably the best first step is to make a personal visit to the assisted living provider, accompanied by a loved one, or trusted friend. One can tell a lot about a place just by using their senses. How does it feel when you walk in the door? What is the attitude of the staff and are they helpful and receptive? Is the building inviting, clean, and odor-free? What is the layout and arrangement of available apartments? What items from my home would I want or need to bring? Most importantly, what do the other tenants say about the place?

Other sources of information may include reports from any regulatory bodies or agencies which license or accredit the assisted living provider, your doctor and/or other health care professionals you trust, local social service agencies, and so forth.

Why Choose the Heritage Centre?

In the Jamestown area, the Heritage Centre is the best choice for assisted living services. First, we are well-established as the leading assisted living provider in Jamestown, and have been in operation for over 25 years. We are a not-for-profit, local organization, governed by a Board of Directors of individuals from right here in Jamestown. Until 2016, the Heritage Centre was the only assisted living facility in the greater Jamestown area. We offer an inviting, homey environment, great hospitality, and a friendly, caring staff. Our facility truly has a community atmosphere and a family “feel”. There is a wide variety of services and amenities available to make our tenants feel comfortable and at home, and to meet their needs so they can remain as independent as possible. Planned activities are available to keep people active, engaged, and feeling good about themselves. In addition, our proximity to Ave Maria Village, a 100-bed, faith-based, skilled care facility is a great advantage. This gives our tenants access to health care professionals and many services that cannot be offered in a freestanding or detached setting. Also, the cost of living at the Heritage Centre is the lowest of any assisted living provider in the community.

Our reputation in the area is outstanding. But don’t take our word for it. Visit with our tenants and see what they have to say. Talk to others who have had loved ones or friends living in our community. Find out what it’s like to live at the Heritage Centre on a day-to-day basis.